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Happiness measures how well the citizens' service needs are met. It consists of all six Wheel of Life values: Security, Social life Physical Environment, Fun, Health and Personal Growth. Happiness effects how citizens perform in their workplaces contributing to their quality and effiency, which indirectly influences the amount of money your city receives (and you), as well as the ease with which you can cooperate with the political parties.

The game rates satisfaction as follows: If a citizen obtains everything from a service that he or she desires, he or she will express a full +10 satisfaction with that service. If a citizen receives nothing he or she wants from the service, the game will record an absolute -10 satisfaction rating. Other satisfaction values lie between +10 and -10. The value at the top displays the aggregate total, which can only be affected by modifying districts.

Wheel of Life[edit | edit source]

Happiness is increased by providing citizens with various services passing edicts and through choices made in various events. Overall happiness and influences how the citizen votes.
  • is increased by certain municipal services and some edicts contribute to citizens' Social life.
  • is most commonly increased by police stations, fire stations and other infrastructure that increase the citizens' sense of security.
  • is most commonly increased by building parks.
  • is increased by clinics, hospital and some edicts that contribute to the citizens health.
  • is increased by municipal educational services.
  • is increased by certain municipal services and some edicts that contribute to the fun citizens have.