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Residents belong into several social classes, each of which has its own desires and motivations. There are two major categories: Age and socioeconomic status. Each group will vote according to its general interest and properly managing the social makeup of your city with edicts and taxes is essential to a prosperous city.

Age[edit | edit source]

  • Youth: The young residents who do not work and study.
  • Adult: Self-explanatory, the baseline resident.
  • Middle-aged: Older adults.
  • Elderly: The no longer working retirees.

Socioeconomic[edit | edit source]

  • Lower class: The poor folk, struggling to get by. Reducing it is a manner of either making the city hostile to them or providing enough money through edicts and social services to lift them to an upper class.
  • Students: Self-explanatory.
  • Working class: The primary working force of your city.
  • Middle class: Richer folks who occupy the higher positions that are lucrative, but small in number.
  • Elite: The rich and idle.