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Family choice determines your strengths and weaknesses. Every one of the nine families has a specific advantage, allowing to tackle the goal of controlling the city's development over the next 200 years in a different way.

List of families[edit | edit source]

von Pfilzens[edit | edit source]

Crest of the von Pfilzens

The von Pfilzens are landed gentry; aristocrats with a strong military tradition and a hard-line conservative stance. Their grand manor has steadfastly overlooked the same estate, surrounded by their fields and forests since the early 14th Century- despite the land belonging to three different countries throughout the years.

The von Philzens are traditionalists; they believe in social hierarchy and the people's need for stability in a changing world.

Saint'Elias[edit | edit source]

Crest of the Sant' Elias

Sant' Elias, patrons of inventors and innovators. Sant' Elias believe in solving problems through technology, and technological innovation is rapid under their rule. They are known for their almost ravenous hunger for ideas and progress, and for their fierce disdain of established traditions and conservatism.

Notorious risk takers, both in their personal and professional lives, they often seem aloof and alienated from the gritty reality and needs of the people.

Kilgannons[edit | edit source]

Crest of Kilgannons

A strong, working class family with a history in politics and labour rights movement, they rose from grassroots community activists to major players on the City's political scene.

Respected as heroes of the people, their dedication has made the family very popular with the proletariat. Their contributions to society are much appreciated, but this benevolence tends to lead to increased building prices.

Shuskys[edit | edit source]

Crest of the Shuyskys

The Shuskys are Russian emigres. They pride themselves on being cultured, civilized patrons of the arts and theater. On the surface unassuming and even indifferent to politics, none of the rival families view them as much of a threat, and their awareness of their social obligations has them in good standing with the people, too.

With dabbling in politics relatively new to them, they have no particular experience in any field. But sometimes disruptive forces come from surprising sources.