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The Delegation view is unlocked when you research an invention unlocking either Twin-city or Business delegations, allowing you to interact with eight cities around the world.

Twin Cities[edit | edit source]

Sending a Twin-city delegation to a city forms a partnership with that city for the remainder of the era. First choose a location where you would like to send a delegation, then choose the municipal service or institution to be represented in the twin-city partnership.

Once you’ve finished, an event will launch in which your choice dictates the bonus the municipal service or institution will receive for the remainder of the era.

Business Delegations[edit | edit source]

Business delegations work much like twin cities, with two major differences. You choose the businesses to accompany you in the delegation and therefore, the business areas that will receive the bonuses provided by the trip.

Business delegations only create opportunities for specific companies, and the bonuses last for a specific time. When the effects wear off, you can send a new business delegation. The business areas are, again, location-oriented: Location determines the businesses you can choose to accompany you.