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Character traits define the mayors that you play as and govern the city with. All characters start with certain traits, but they can be altered by making consistent choices in the various events that appear throughout the game.

List of traits[edit | edit source]

Trait Description Wheel of Life Political parties Public services
You are an evil sadist who takes pleasure in others’ suffering. -1
-1 (churches)
+4 (conservative parties) +3 per high school
You trust no one and see hidden motives in everything. -2 (liberal or conservative parties)
+2 (centrist parties)
You are manipulative and dishonest by nature. +1 (Elite and middle class)
+1 (Elite and middle class)
-2 (Lower and working class)
-2 (left-wing parties)
You are accustomed to dealing with the upper class and have little understanding for regular people. Cannot be voted out.
You are nominated to your position by the Emperor himself and thus cannot be voted out.
You lack willpower and are easily persuaded. +1 +2
You value honesty above all else. +1 (+4 for the elderly)
-2 (Elite and middle class)
-2 (Liberal parties)
+4 (Conservative parties)
-1 at each grammar school, high school, and vocational school
You believe that the slower the change, the happier the society. +1
You truly believe in people and in good. +2
-1 (Women)
You are pessimistic about everything.
You favor simple, forceful answers to complicated issues. -1 +1 at each grammar school, high school, and vocational school
You believe in progress and new ideas. +3 (Youth)
+1 (+2 for Youth)
+10% upkeep
You are famous for being famous. +1 (Adults)
+1 (Women)
+4 (Liberal parties)
+2 (Left-wing parties)
-4 (Communist Party)
You are not afraid to wear your heart on sleeve. +2 (Elderly) costs increased by +2
You value your privacy a lot more than other people’s company.